Images with Impact – BBSRC anniversary image competition

  • BBSRC has launched its image competition as part of the 20th anniversary programme;
  • Open to the public, students and the bioscience research community;
  • £2,400 of prizes to be won for images capturing exciting developments in bioscience.

The Images with Impact: the Great British Bioscience Image Competition is seeking the best images that showcase UK bioscience and its importance in everyday life. The competition forms part of a series of engaging activities throughout 2014 to highlight the impact of BBSRC's research base, world-leading bioscience, and its important contribution to the UK economy over 20 years.

Great Britain has always been the home of bioscience discovery. Penicillin, the DNA double helix and a famous sheep called ‘Dolly' were all born of UK research, but never before has bioscience moved at such a pace.

With this competition we want you to capture the exciting developments happening in bioscience today with images from the Great British public, its students and its researchers.

There are fantastic prizes up for grabs, with a total prize fund of over £2,400. Entries will be judged by an esteemed panel, included BBC Focus magazine's picture editor James Cutmore.

Any type of image can be entered: photography, visualisations and even illustrations. You could be looking down a microscope, panning across farming landscapes or capturing a new snazzy piece of science technology. We just want to see photos, graphics, images, or anything visual that shows us the beauty of science and its impact.

Submissions will close on 6th October 2014 so be creative and get snapping.

Enter our free competition and don't forget to read our rules.

What we are looking for

Your image should convey the impact of bioscience and biological research. We want to see unique and surprising perspectives exploring the impact of bioscience and biology on society and the importance of bioscience in everyday life.

Entries will be judged on their aesthetic merit, and their ability to convey, with creative flair, the impact of scientific subjects from across BBSRC's remit. For example, contemporary bioscience is helping to provide solutions to major global challenges, such as:

  • Feeding nine billion people sustainably by 2050
  • Developing renewable ‘low carbon' sources of energy, transport fuels and chemicals to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Staying healthier for longer as lifespans increase and society ages

Find out more about how bioscience will be central to meeting these challenges over the coming decades, together with the huge range of Great British bioscience research going on today, by visiting BBSRC's website and blog The winners' work will be showcased at the end of November at the BBSRC's Great British Bioscience Festival in London.